MacIver News Minute: Act 10 At 10

Feb. 11, 2021

Today marks the ten year anniversary of Act 10, Scott Walker’s most consequential government reform and clearly our state’s most successful public policy initiative by far.

A new analysis at maciver shows that Act 10 has saved Wisconsin taxpayers over $13.9 billion dollars since it was enacted 10 years ago. That is 13.9 billion with a “B”.

While Big Labor and the professional protesters tried to convince you that collective bargaining reform would see our school children wandering the countryside aimlessly, prisoners loose on the streets and the general end of modern civilization here in Wisconsin,

remember that the 13.9 billion in savings has gone towards significant tax cuts at the state level, more funding for education at the local level and kept some local governments out of bankruptcy.

(The city of Milwaukee estimates that Act 10 will save it almost $175 million in 2021 alone.)

Thank you Governor Walker for, despite the outrageous tantrum of a few, passing Act 10 and thank you Governor Evers for keeping this historic taxpayer protection reform in place.

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