Questionable Curriculum: Black Lives Matters in Milwaukee Classrooms

When there’s trouble in Milwaukee, there’s usually a small army of young people leading the charge. It’s no coincidence. Milwaukee Public Schools spends considerable time and effort developing its students to become young revolutionaries.

The district was one of many across Wisconsin (and the country) that spent the entire first week of February on “Black Lives Matter Week of Action” curriculum. At some of those schools, only a handful of students are proficient in English or math. Apparently, though, at these schools it’s more important to teach students what to think instead of how to think. MNS’┬áBill Osmulski has more in this video report.

This is part of an ongoing series highlighting priorities in Wisconsin’s public school and university system other than core academics. Currently only about 40 percent of public school students in the state are proficient in English and math.