SPN MacIver Institute 2012 National Think Tank of the Year
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Freedom of Speech Attacked, Defended During Public Hearing

MacIver News - Conservative and Liberal students talked about the importance of free speech on campus. However, some students, like Savion Castro, also presented a unique interpretation of the First Amendment, where speech is considered a luxury and their right to not be offended takes precedence over other's constitutional rights. Watch and comment »

Hundreds of Students Skip School for Communist Holiday

MacIver News - Thousands of people joined Vocal De La Frontera for its May Day March to the courthouse in Milwaukee on Monday. The liberal group's student auxiliary, YES (Youth Empowered in the Struggle), led the march. Many are students from Horlick High School in Racine, who skipped school to participate in the traditionally communist holiday. It took four buses to get them all to Milwaukee. Most people left the event after it was interrupted by hail and heavy rains. Watch and comment »

Trump Talk: Northwoods Patriots Celebrate Trump's First 100 Days

MacIver Institute's M.D. Kittle talks to Northwoods Patriots founder Kim Simac about the group's rally scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Watch and comment »

A Thousand Miles of Crumbling Roads in Milwaukee

MacIver News - Milwaukee's roads are crumbling, and the city has no one to blame but itself. The city's budget clearly states, "Approximately 987 miles of city streets are not eligible for state and federal funding...", and the city is only spending $16 million to improve 30 miles of that this year. Watch and comment »

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