MacIver News Minute: Hey Joe! You Didn’t Build That in Wisconsin!

May 14, 2024

Joe Biden had a great day in Wisconsin last week.

He showed up in mount pleasant to announce that Microsoft is building a new data center there, and everyone bent over backwards to give him all the credit, which was really tricky because he had nothing to do with it. But that’s why the mainstream media has told you next to nothing about the project.

Here’s the short version:

  • Six years ago, state and local leaders set that land aside and started prepping it for Foxconn
  • Three years ago, the Wisconsin economic development corporation realized that Foxconn only needed a third of the property and started marketing the rest of it to other companies.
  • State and local groups worked together to get Microsoft’s attention.
  • Then the Governor and state lawmakers put a sales tax exemption for data centers in the last state budget.

After that, Microsoft was all in.

Finally, Joe Biden showed up and took credit for everything blasting the republican leaders who laid the groundwork that made it possible in the first place.

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