MacIver News Minute: What the Constitution Says About Redistricting

Sep. 14, 2023

The Wisconsin Constitution puts the legislature squarely in charge of redistricting.

Gov. Evers really hates this, and he’s spent much of his time in office fighting it. He’s talked a lot about creating an independent commission to draw the maps, just like they do in Iowa. He’s been pushing that idea for years.

This week, assembly republicans finally agreed to that compromise. They plan to vote on it today (Sep. 14th).

Evers is about to get exactly what he’s wanted for so long.

Maps drawn by an independent commission instead of republican lawmakers.

Think he’s happy about it?

Absolutely not.

Now he’s upset that the legislature would still be part of the approval process, which he calls a “last-ditch effort to retain legislative control.” Unfortunately for Evers – that legislative control is guaranteed by Wisconsin’s Constitution.