MacIver News Minute: Never Forget Who We Were on 9/11

Sep. 11, 2023

You know the motto “Never Forget.”

Never forget 9/11.

For those of us who lived through that day – how could we?

The confusion at the first news reports of the day.

The shock when the second plane hit.

The horror when the towers went down.

The disbelief when they got the pentagon.

The exasperation when we heard about Pennsylvania.

The panic over the fate of our fellow countrymen.

There’s something else we should never forget about that day.

The outburst of patriotism, unity, kindness, and prayer everywhere you turned.

I will never forget congress standing on the steps of the capitol – Democrats and Republicans together singing God Bless America.
There’s not much I care to revisit from that day, but I long for the day when our leaders in Washington once again come together in unity and demonstrate that we are truly one nation under God.