MacIver News Minute: Liberals Seize Supreme Court

Aug. 8, 2023

Now that liberals have a majority on the state supreme court, it’s supposed to be game over. Right?

From now on, they get to decide what the constitution says, and they’re going to make sure that liberals always like what they hear. So, you might as well just say goodbye to every law, rule and procedure that gets in their way.

That’s what they want you to think anyway. They’ve certainly been acting as if that’s the case. Afterall, they were meeting in secret and making personnel decisions even before that fourth liberal judge was officially sworn in. But who’s going to tell the supreme court they aren’t allowed to do whatever they want?

Well, they might have the majority, but the chief justice is still Annette Ziegler, a conservative. It’s a two-year term and she was just elected in march, and there’s nothing those four liberal justices can do about it. The constitution says she’s the “administrative head of the judicial system” she’s already using that constitutional authority to try and push back. If nothing else, it lets those liberal justices know that conservatives aren’t about to throw in the towel quite yet.