MacIver News Minute: Questioning the CO2 Emissions-Temperature Connection

July 27, 2023

We hope everyone out there is having a good summer. We know the climate change lobby certainly is. All summer long headline after headline has been pushing its narrative declaring “record setting heat” and “hottest temperatures in history.” And the only way to stop it is by cutting carbon emissions.

The public doesn’t even seem to question that connection anymore, but maybe it should. Afterall, we cut carbon emissions by 9% in 2020 – thanks to the lockdowns.

It was the biggest reduction in 180 years. The result, according to the national weather service, average temperatures around the world went up in 2020 and then up some more in 2021.


All same, just to be safe, the Biden Administration is working to ban gas stoves, hot water heaters and portable generators.

Maybe more people should start asking questions.