Vos Reacts To Milwaukee’s Double Cross

June 22, 2023

Immediately after Gov. Tony Evers signed AB245 into law the City of Milwaukee telegraphed its intention to sue the state over it.

AB245 increases shared revenue with local governments, including over $20 million to Milwaukee, which is more than any other municipality got. The law also allows Milwaukee to impose an additional 2% sales tax without going to referendum. The city is upset because there are restrictions and requirements for how that additional revenue must be spent. However, none of that was a surprise, because city leaders had been negotiating with the state legislature’s Republican leadership for weeks over those details. What is a surprise is that the City of Milwaukee would attempt to circumvent the deal they agreed to before the ink even had time to dry.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos shared his reaction to Milwaukee double crossing the state during a press conference on June 21st.