MacIver Newsmakers Podcast: Rep. Tiffany Describes Southern Border Crisis

May 12, 2023

Title 42 is over and President Joe Biden says expect more chaos at the US southern border. Title 42 allowed the border patrol to people they caught trying to sneak across the border right back into Mexico. Now they’ll likely be released and allowed to stay in the US. There are already around 6 million illegal residents in the US.

The crisis isn’t limited to unrestricted illegal immigration. It’s also a humanitarian crisis with brutal drug cartels controlling the flow migrants south of the border. Rape, murder, and robbery are common. Additionally, the nationwide fentanyl crisis is directly tied to the border situation.

The House of Representatives passed the Secure the Border Act on Thursday, May 11th. Democrats have already indicated it will never get past the Senate or the President.

Rep. Tom Tiffany joins this edition of the MacIver Newsmakers Podcast to detail the implications of the border crisis and what must be done to stop it.