Insider Blows Whistle On Transgender Clinic Prompting Investigation

Feb. 13, 2023

A whistleblower is accusing a transgender clinic in St. Louis of unethical medical practices that are causing permanent harm to children, and the Missouri Attorney General is conducting an investigation.

The whistleblower, Jamie Reed, was a case worker at the Washington University Transgender center from 2018 until this past November. Her affidavit describes how the center prescribes experimental drugs, puberty blockers and hormones without individualized assessments or parental consent.

Reed’s statements are devastating to the gender transition industry, because she’s exactly the type of person who should be completely onboard with its agenda. Reed describes herself as queer, “politically left of Bernie Sanders,” and is married to a transman.

Reed didn’t just make broad accusations. She shared specific details of the atrocities she witnessed in a blogpost last Thursday that is making waves across the country.

Read the entire post, “I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle,” by clicking here.

Here is an excerpt:

“Bicalutamide is a medication used to treat metastatic prostate cancer, and one of its side effects is that it feminizes the bodies of men who take it, including the appearance of breasts. The center prescribed this cancer drug as a puberty blocker and feminizing agent for boys. As with most cancer drugs, bicalutamide has a long list of side effects, and this patient experienced one of them: liver toxicity. He was sent to another unit of the hospital for evaluation and immediately taken off the drug. Afterward, his mother sent an electronic message to the Transgender Center saying that we were lucky her family was not the type to sue.

How little patients understood what they were getting into was illustrated by a call we received at the center in 2020 from a 17-year-old biological female patient who was on testosterone. She said she was bleeding from the vagina. In less than an hour she had soaked through an extra heavy pad, her jeans, and a towel she had wrapped around her waist. The nurse at the center told her to go to the emergency room right away.

We found out later this girl had had intercourse, and because testosterone thins the vaginal tissues, her vaginal canal had ripped open. She had to be sedated and given surgery to repair the damage. She wasn’t the only vaginal laceration case we heard about.”