MacIver News Minute: COVID Relief Funds Spent on Artificial Turf

Dec. 13, 2022

There is a new report out that details how federal covid grants are being spent by schools and Wisconsin, once again, is receiving national attention for all the wrong reasons.

School Boards were supposed to use their billions in Covid funding to open our schools safely, keep the schools open and finally, fix the learning loss that many of our children experienced when they were forced to do virtual learning.

The Whitewater School District decided to use their Covid educational funds to…you guessed it…install artificial turf for the football and softball teams. You cannot make this stuff up, even if you tried.

The Whitewater School District is spending $1.6 million out of their total funding for turf and just $400,000 will go towards learning loss.

It is shameful what the educational establishment is doing to our children.

It is an even bigger tragedy that we parents are letting them do it to our children.