MacIver News Minute: No Justice For Madison’s Rioters

Sep. 29, 2022

It’s been over two years since riots tore apart the city of madison in the name of social justice.

More than enough time for those responsible to be brought to real justice.

The Maciver Institute checked into that. We found less than 100 individuals who were charged with crimes for participating in the riots. Only 1 looter is in state prison. The feds busted 3 for arson and 2 felons with firearms. They’re in federal prison.

However most of the rioters who were caught, got off with a slap on the wrist. Whether they destroyed a public monument, looted a small business, Or brutally beat up Senator Tim Carpenter, the Dane County justice system let them off with little or no punishment at all.

This is what justice looks like to the left – and it’s the type of justice they want for all of us.