MacIver Newsmakers Podcast: Brian Riedl On Inflation

July 25, 2022

Runaway inflation has put Democrat politicians in a difficult position going into the 2022 mid-term elections. Brian Riedl, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explains why Dems believe it is in their own best interest to ignore it, the country be damned, until after the election. That’s going to be difficult to do, because Riedl says inflation is the number one issue facing the US in 2022.

In this edition of the MacIver Newsmakers Podcast, Riedl explains how decisions by the Federal Reserve, the Biden Administration, and Congress combined to create this problem. With the US currently holding $24 trillion in debt, there’s no easy way to solve the problem without creating even more catastrophic problems.

Hear Riedl’s dire predictions in this edition of the MacIver Newsmakers Podcast and his nine-point plan to end inflation and bring the country out of recession.