MacIver News Minute: June Bidenflation Update

July 14, 2022

Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any worse for President Biden and his economic plan…the new numbers came out.

Inflation is up 9.1% in June, a new 40 year high. The President and the Democrat Party told us last year that inflation was only temporary.

When inflation persisted, Biden blamed Putin, Covid, the supply chain, greedy businesses, and even the past administration.

Gas is up 60%. Eggs 33%. Butter 21%.

The blame for this disaster and the hardship it is causing hardworking taxpayers lies solely with the President and his party’s decision to print so called “free covid money”that we couldn’t afford and hand it out to anyone and everyone even if they didn’t need it. Period.

The politicians, of course, will whine how it is not their fault and try to make up excuses – all in an attempt to save their precious jobs.

Just remember, Democrats control everything out in DC. This was their plan.