MacIver News Minute: DHS’ Recommendations Don’t Match Its Data

June 2, 2022

Last week, Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary Designee Karen Timberlake said everyone should get a booster shot.

She said it helps protect you from severe illness, hospitalization and death from Covid 19.

At the same time, she released data proving that’s not true at all.

According to DHS’ illness after vaccination webpage – you have a 20% higher chance of catching covid if you’ve been boosted than someone who’s unvaccinated.

Compared to someone who’s only gotten the primary series – you’re twice as likely to catch Covid, three times more likely to be hospitalized with it, and if you’re under the age of 65, slightly more likely to die from it.

The only thing worse than getting boosted, is getting a 5 – 11 year old child vaccinated at all. That triples their chances of catching covid and slightly increases their chances of being hospitalized with it.

Either DHS doesn’t look at their own data before making recommendations, or they just hope that you don’t.