MacIver News Minute: Milwaukee’s Record Breaking Crime Wave

June 21, 2022

The City of Milwaukee is set to break a record but tragically it’s not a good one.

Over the weekend, there were two more killings in Milwaukee bringing the total number of homicides in the city to 96 so far in 2022.

Milwaukee is on pace to, once again, shatter the all-time homicide record of 197 in one year, which, incidentally, was set just last year.


Think about that for a second. Ninety six lives lost so far this year.

Ask yourself why is this happening?

We were told that if President Biden were elected, all injustices would be wiped from the face of the earth and every wrong in this country would magically end.

Ninety six. Could it possibly be that the radical left’s soft-on-crime agenda to defund the police, keep violent criminals on the street, and not charge offenders with serious gun crimes, have anything to do with the record number of homicides in Milwaukee and across the country?

Nah, that couldn’t be it.