MacIver News Minute: Biden’s Economy

May 12, 2022

Another week, another round of bad economic news for President Biden and the Democrats who control congress.

Inflation hit 8.3% in April, the highest it has been in nearly 40 years.

Grocery prices have increased almost 11% from last year with chicken up 16%, eggs 23% and milk 15%.

Energy overall is up 30% and the price of a gallon of gas is up 44% from a year ago. This week, the price of gas hit a record high of $4.40 a gallon.

Inflation-adjusted wages continue to slide during this turmoil, with workers taking home 2.6% less than last year.

Skyrocketing prices on necessities, lower pay for those of us who actually choose to work and President Biden says Covid and Putin are responsible.

The American people are not fooled, nor stupid, Mr. President. We know exactly who is to blame for this mess and we will hold you accountable.