Mainstream Media Now Suddenly Demands Covid Data Transparency

Reporters Question Whether Patients Are Hospitalized “With” or “For” Covid

Jan. 11, 2022 | MacIver News Service

The CDC admits 40% of people in the hospital WITH Covid are not in the hospital BECAUSE of Covid.
The State of New York is now reporting the number of hospital patients with covid who are there for other reasons. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta and Jake Tapper say all states should be doing that.
The CDC is now saying 75 percent of people who die with Covid had at least four comorbidities.
MacIver News has been reporting on this problem since August 2020, when it learned everyone who died WITH Covid in Milwaukee County was marked as dying FROM Covid.
The State of Wisconsin does not break out that information. Also, it only reports vaccinated versus unvaccinated statistics once a month – and the methodology constantly changes making meaningful comparisons over time difficult.