MacIver Minute: Minimum Bail Requirements for Repeat Offenders

Jan. 6, 2022

While the law-abiding taxpayers in Wisconsin continue to wait for Governor Evers to decide if Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm will be fired from his job over the Waukesha Parade tragedy, and the low bail his office set for a violent previous offender, a permanent solution may– thankfully–be on the way.

State Senator Bradley of Franklin, Senator Nass of Whitewater and Representative Wichgers of Muskego, recently introduced legislation that would set minimum bail amounts for criminals who have already been convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor. Keep in mind, the alleged killer in Waukesha was in jail for several months and was only released after a sympathetic judge reduced his bail to only $1000. This legislation would prevent judges from reducing bail for violent offenders.

So, if Gov. Evers is not going to do the right thing, at least these legislators are trying to stop this from happening again. Thank you to Bradley, Nass and Wichgers.

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