MacIver Minute: Evers Says You Need To Take a Deep Breath

The Waukesha parade tragedy has brought into focus the radical left’s push to get rid of bail and hand out lenient sentences for serious crimes.

While the mainstream media has largely given Gov. Evers a pass on DA Chisholm’s low bail for the parade murderer with a violent past, taxpayers need to remember what candidate Evers ran on back in 2018: to cut Wisconsin’s prison population in half.

How do you cut Wisconsin’s prison population in half? You keep dangerous people like the Waukesha parade murderer out of prison instead of behind bars.

Rather than immediately firing Chisholm and making changes to keep us safe by demanding that stiffer sentencing and bail requirements be implemented, Governor Evers now says everybody should take a deep breath first and that he MIGHT be open to higher bail for some.

C’mon Governor, stand up for the innocent victims of heinous crimes, not the criminals!