The Latest On COVID-19 In Wisconsin

The with recent rise in positive COVID-19 diagnoses, there is much discussion again about renewed mask mandates, mandatory vaccination and calls from some for another round of lockdowns.


Public health officials and some politicians believe that the variant is more contagious and more dangerous than the first strain of COVID-19.


We received a question from a reader asking if the number of recent deaths from COVID-19 in Wisconsin is increasing at a similar rate to the increase in positive COVID-19 diagnoses.  In response, we put together the latest on weekly COVID-19 diagnoses and COVID-19 deaths in Wisconsin.


We put this data out with no political agenda or preconceived judgement. We simply put this data out so you can decide for yourself what it means for you and your family. With so much hype from the mainstream media and borderline hysteria from others, we want to provide you with a calm discussion and complete picture of COVID-19.


MacIver’s own Bill Osmulski joined The Vicki McKenna Show to discuss the data. Listen here:



And here is Bill’s analysis of vaccination rates and COVID activity in Wisconsin: