MacIver News Minute: Officer Ella French Didn’t Have To Die

August 12, 2021

Chicago Police officer Ella French didn’t have to die.

The alleged gunman was charged with felony theft in 2019. In a plea deal, the alleged gunman was given just two years probation. The gun man did apparently violate his probation back in May and should have been in jail, but he was still free last week when he killed Officer French.

The gun used to kill Officer French was supplied by a felon who, you guessed it, should have still been in jail. But Dane County Judge Berz sentenced him to just three years probation in 2018. The maximum sentence should have been fifty years.

Police Officer Ella French didn’t deserve to die.

The soft-on-crime movement killed her. Politicians who are more concerned with pleasing the woke mob and defunding the police killed her.

Judges who hand down ridiculously soft scoldings instead of real punishment and worry only about their own reelection killed her.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer French’s family and all the men and women of law enforcement.

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