MacIver News Minute: School Funding Soars

June 29, 2021

Wisconsin Republicans will vote on their version of the next two year budget this week.

As we shared with you last time, that budget includes the largest tax cut in state history. Hallelujah.

What you probably don’t know, based on the predictable complaints of the K12 education establishment, is that our schools will receive a large increase in funding.

School leaders across the state say K12 education is starving. But their math just doesn’t add up.

In fact, schools in Wisconsin will receive $2.6 billion in new aid, a stunning 17% increase that brings overall education funding to almost $18 billion over the next two years.

A 17% increase in funding somehow equates to our schools are starving?

Sounds like our school leaders are practicing new math where 1 + 1 doesn’t necessarily equal 2 just as long as you can talk through your feelings and give yourself an emotional hug.