MacIver News Bulletin – Parents Across The State Demand Schools Rescind Mask Mandates | Evers: Get Vaccinated Or You Are Killing Others

May 14, 2021 | MacIver News Service

  • Poynette teacher berates student for not wearing a mask
  • Parents ream school boards about mask mandates
  • President Biden says get vaccinated or mask up forever
  • Governor Evers says get vaccinated or you’re killing people
  • DHS will hire equity officer even after the legislature says no
  • Wisconsin loses $700 million from ARPA because its unemployment is low
  • ARPA makes new state tax cuts almost impossible

Gov. Evers says if you don’t get the vaccine you’re killing people, and DHS Sec. Karen Timberlake says she’s hiring an equity officer even after JFC said no. That and much, much more in this week’s MacIver News Bulletin.