MacIver News Minute: Biden Cancels Keystone Pipeline And Wisconsin Jobs

Jan. 28, 2021
President Biden has been busy during his first week in office. The President has signed over 30 executive orders during that time. By comparison, President Trump signed 4 during his first week in office, President Obama just 5.
You might wonder how that could be given that, just this October, Biden told George Stephanopolous “you can’t legislate by executive order unless you’re a dictator.”
Despite criticizing Trump for being a dictator, that appears to be exactly how Biden is acting. Biden recently signed an executive order to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline project and the 11,000 jobs it supports.
Wisconsin based companies Michaels Corporation and Precision Pipeline are building the Keystone pipeline,  or should I say, were building the pipeline and now with the President’s decision, according to the companies, thousands of Wisconsin jobs will disappear and billions of dollars in economic activity.
If this any indication of how President Biden is going to govern, the American worker and the economy are in for a rough ride.

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