November 2020: A Summary Of The Election Results

November 4, 2020

Need a summary of how the November 2020 election fared in Wisconsin? Read below to learn about the results:


Biden looks to have won over Trump in Wisconsin by about 21,000 votes, gaining him 10 electoral votes.


Party balance remains the same among Wisconsin House Representatives:

Current US Representatives split, WI (R/D/Vacant): 5/3/0

Incoming US Representatives split, WI (R/D/Vacant): 5/3/0

Jim Sensenbrenner’s (R) vacant seat was filled by WI State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R)


No US senate races were up for election in Wisconsin this year.


Republicans lose 2 seats in the Assembly:

Current Assembly split (RPW/DPW/Vacant): 63/34/2

Incoming Assembly split (RPW/DPW/Vacant) (Projected): 61/38

Flipped Assembly Districts: 2

In the 13th, Sara Rodriguez (D) beat Rob Hutton (R).

In the 23rd, Deb Andraca (D) beat Jim Ott (R).


Republicans gain 3 seats in the State Senate:

Current State Senate split (R/D/Vacant): 18/12/2

Incoming State Senate split (R/D/Vacant) (Projected): 21/10/1

Flipped Senate Districts: 2

In the 10th, Rob Stafsholt (R) beat Patty Schachtner (D).

In the 30th, Eric Wimberger (R) beat Jonathon Hansen (D).