MacIver News Minute: More Bad COVID-19 Data

Aug. 4, 2020

Last week, the MacIver News Service reported on a discrepancy with the State’s COVID-19 data because some counties decided not to record the number of negative tests at the same time as they inputted the positive. We still haven’t figured out who signed off on that piece of genius.

Now MacIver has discovered another serious discrepancy in the COVID data.

At the end of July, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office recorded 384 deaths from COVID-19.

The problem is, according to the State of Wisconsin, Milwaukee County had 438 deaths from COVID-19, NOT 384. That’s 54 more deaths or 14% higher than what was recorded by Milwaukee County.

Well, how can that happen?

And how can we as Wisconsinites have faith in our Governor and his administration if we continue to find mistakes in the COVID-19 data that they publish?

It’s becoming more difficult each day.

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