MacIver News Minute: Threats at the Tosa Listening Session

July 23, 2020

Protestors have targeted Wauwatosa recently because they believe officer Joseph Mensah should be fired.

Officer Mensah, who is black, has been besieged by the Black Lives Matter movement after he killed a teenage suspect who fired a gun at him first at Mayfair Mall. The incident is under review.

On Tuesday, the Tosa City Council held a public listening session. Some were there to make threats.

“I’ve got a issue with the damn police because they were created to catch slaves, and we’ve got modern day slavery in America. And I know a few of you are scared of me, and that’s okay. I’m not scared of y’all,” Henry Lee said. “I don’t even need three minutes. But I’m going to tell you like this. Go ahead, fire Webber and convict Joseph Mensah. And if y’all don’t convict Joseph Mensah and all you do is suspend him and he come back, I’m a ride around Tosa with a broken headlight until he find me.”

Astonishingly, no one from the City Council spoke up to condemn this threat against Officer Mensah.

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