MacIver News Minute: The Arrest of Devonere Johnson

June 30, 2020

Last week in Madison, a government building was fire-bombed, a state senator was attacked by the mob, a driver was pulled from his car and beaten and two statutes were torn down at the capitol.

The supposed reason for all this rage and violence – the arrest of protest leader Devonere Johnson.

According to numerous reports, Devonere Johnson was arrested after allegedly harassing a customer at a restaurant on the capitol square, using a bullhorn to call the man an f’ing racist while carrying a baseball bat on his shoulder.

After Johnson was arrested, he attempted to escape from the police twice.

Later Johnson was charged with extortion for demanding money and free food in exchange for sparing businesses from destruction.

For this guy, for Devonere Johnson, the perpetually aggrieved and the professional protestors attempted to burn down a government building and destroy a statute of a Wisconsin hero who died fighting the Confederacy and the end to slavery.

What has our world come to…

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