MacIver News Minute: Voter Fraud Update

May 21, 2020
Remember the MacIver News story back in March reporting that 43 Wisconsinites had been referred by the Wisconsin Elections Commission to local law enforcement for investigation into possible double voting in the 2018 general election?

Of course you don’t. Anything that happened in this world pre Covid-19 seems like it was eons ago.

We are finally starting to find out more about the circumstances surrounding this alleged voter fraud.

While the Elections Commission denied MacIver’s rrequest for the actual names, we now know that of the 43 separate incidents of potential voter fraud, 29 voted in person at the polls in Wisconsin and 14 voted by absentee ballot.

Dane County led the way with 8 incidents, Walworth County 7 and Milwaukee and Kenosha Counties had 5 each.

26 of these individuals supposedly voted in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

Now the important question is will the local District Attorneys actually investigate these 43 individuals and prosecute the fraud or will they ignore the problem?