MacIver News Minute: The People Versus Andrea Palm

MacIver News Service | May 5, 2020

This week, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the Emergency Petition filed against Secretary designee Palm.

Legislative leaders believe Palm overstepped her authority when she extended the Evers shelter in place order until May 26th.

The stakes in this case could not be higher.

A shocking 480,000 Wisconsinites have recently applied for unemployment and we now have 725,000 out of work in this state thanks to the Covid crackdown. Some say the unemployment rate could be as high as 27% in Wisconsin, 8 times higher than last year.

If wait, as Evers wants, to slowly begin the process to gradually and methodically go through phases to reopen Wisconsin, it will be too late.

Here’s hoping, for all who have lost their jobs and the businesses owners who are struggling to survive, that the Supreme Court will reach a decision soon… before it is too late.

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