MacIver News Minute – Reopen Wisconsin

Apr. 21, 2020

Thousands of Wisconsinites took to the streets this weekend to protest Gov. Evers’ decision to extend the Safer At Home order to May 26th, the order which requires everyone to shelter in place, severely restricts which businesses can stay open and is doing incredible damage to our way of life.

Clearly, Wisconsinites are frustrated that, even though we have stopped the spread of Covid 19 and prevented our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, shelter in place remains, the damage to our economy continues and many of our friends and neighbors are out of work.

On Monday, seemingly in response to the protests, Governor Evers announced his plan to gradually reopen Wisconsin’s economy in phases.

Problem is, if you actually read the plan, not just the headlines, the plan really is a non-plan to begin to plan on how to develop a plan to reopen Wisconsin some time later this fall. Well maybe.

Go to MacIver and decide for yourself. Should Wisconsin open now or does Wisconsin need to wait.