MacIver News Minute – Evers’ Changing Election Day Positions

April 9, 2020

With Election Day now behind us and a concerted effort underway by some to blame Legislative Republicans for holding the vote, it is important to remind everyone how we got here.
On March 17th, Evers was asked about postponing the election and responded that we could not move it because elected positions should not be left open.
On March 20th, Governor Evers told the Associated Press that quote “Moving this date is not going to solve the problem. We could move it to June, it could be worse in June.” Close quote.
Evers during this time was taking steps and extra precautions to make sure the election would be carried out safely.
Governor Evers did not change his position until Aril 2nd, the same time frame that Evers started receiving some heat from other democrat politicians and organizations.
If Governor Evers believed back in early March we needed to postpone the election, he should have told the public back then instead of waiting for weeks.
We need you to lead Governor Evers, not shift the blame.

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