Is The Madison School District Pushing Kids In Middle School To Declare Themselves Pan-Sexual?

Do you think kids in middle school know enough about themselves and the world to identify as bi-sexual, pan-sexual (I had to look it up, too) and non-binary? Do you think our schools, our middle schools, should be spending time on this discussion and even promoting it? Does any middle-schooler need to declare publicly what their sexuality is?

The Madison School District produced a special, 8-minute long video for National Coming Out Day last month featuring middle and high school students talking about their sexual preferences and identities. Some say they came out while still in elementary school. Teachers in the video say they make a special effort to encourage these children to be their “authentic self.”

Watch the video and decide for yourself. We need to point out MacIver did not produce the video. We found the video on the district’s website.

Is the school district simply serving the needs of the children or is the district pushing their agenda and view of the world onto the kids?

This video was part of the MacIver News Bulletin, which first appeared on VCY-TV30 in Milwaukee.