MacIver Newsmakers: Speaker Robin Vos Reacts To Evers’ Budget Plan

MacIver News Service | Feb. 28, 2019

Gov. Tony Evers’ first budget proposal is a big “liberal wish list,” according to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester).

With Republicans firmly in control of the Legislature, it’s unlikely that many of the Democratic governor’s wishes will come true.

Evers’ budget plan spends big — about $7 billion more than former Gov. Scott Walker’s final budget. And it taxes big to get there.

Evers’ budget blueprint is built on a bigger-government agenda, calling for Medicaid expansion, over $1 billion more in K-12 education spending, and $600 million more for transportation projects.

Speaker Vos breaks down the $83.5 billion biennial spending plan in this special edition of MacIver Newsmakers.