MacIver Newsmakers Podcast: Sen. Ron Johnson On Trump’s Emergency Declaration

February 26, 2019

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson tells MacIver News Service he’s hopeful the Senate will take up another resolution that would deal realistically with security at the U.S. Mexico-border. 

On Tuesday, the Nancy Pelosi-led House was moving on a resolution rolling back President Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency, in which he would tap money to complete the construction of a border barrier. 

Johnson said he doesn’t know how he will vote until he sees the Senate resolution, which he hopes will be markedly different than the House bill. Johnson (R-Oshkosh) says the House resolution is much more about politics than it is about checking the constitutional overreach of the president. 

Congress, after all, gave the executive branch the authority to active special powers during a crisis. If the flood of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs flowing into the United States doesn’t constitute a crisis, Johnson said he doesn’t know what does. 

The Senator talks Swamp sparring, tariff wars, and the “mauve New Deal” in this edition of MacIver Newsmakers.