Chart Smart: Your Visual Guide to the State Budget

May 9, 2017

Welcome to Chart Smart!

Here at the MacIver Institute, we’re always thinking about new ways that we can get you, the taxpayer, the information you need about Wisconsin’s biennial budget. In this first edition, we take a big-picture view of the budget and get back to what really matters – where your hard-earned money goes and how it is spent by the politicians in Madison. These charts focus on General Purpose Revenue (GPR), the pot of money that comes from state taxpayers, rather than federal revenue or any other sources of funding.

As the budget process progresses, we’ll continue our Chart Smart series by highlighting a myriad of agencies and issues by the day. Stay tuned and make sure to come back to to stay on top of the latest news!

FY19 wisconsin dollar taxes.png

GPR spending last 14 years w.watermark.png

Top Five Agency Funding Increases (Millions).png

2017-19 GPR Spending by Category w.watermark infographic.png