Assembly Transportation, Tax Proposal: What They’re Saying

May 5, 2017

[Madison, Wis…] Dozens of Assembly Republicans joined Rep. Dale Kooyenga and Assembly leaders on Thursday afternoon at the state Capitol to present their caucus’s plan to reform taxes and expand transportation funding in Wisconsin.

Dubbed “The Road to a Flat Tax,” the plan combines a major income tax overhaul that would lead to a 3.95 percent flat tax by 2030, a reduction in the minimum markup on gasoline, elimination of the sales tax exemption for gasoline, and other measures. The plan would also pay down transportation bonding and result in a net increase in transportation revenue of nearly $300 million.

Read the MacIver Institute’s breakdown of the plan here.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Majority Leader Jim Steineke said the plan is an example of the Assembly Republicans’ leadership in making long-overdue reforms.

While Vos said he doesn’t think the plan is perfect, he said it makes progress toward the goal of higher transportation revenue. The plan’s author, Rep. Kooyenga, described his practical approach.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald did not endorse the plan, but said his caucus may consider some of its elements.

Meanwhile, opponents on the other side of the aisle bashed the plan as a tax increase that they claimed won’t fix roads – even before the proposal was actually rolled out.

Keep an eye on the MacIver Institute for more analysis of the Assembly GOP plan and any new developments as they unfold.