Walker to President-Elect Trump: Return Power to States

MacIver News Service | December 20, 2016

[Madison, Wis…] Governor Scott Walker urged President-elect Donald Trump to return federal power to the states in a letter to the incoming administration on Tuesday.

In the letter, Walker explains what he thinks the Trump administration can do to restore states’ control over a list of programs and services. Walker also says he has directed Wisconsin cabinet secretaries to review all programs and federal mandates that cost Wisconsin taxpayers money and limit state control.

“Too often, states have become mere administrative provinces of an all-powerful federal government in Washington,” Walker said. “Now is the time to reverse that trend. These requests are the first of many my administration will make as Wisconsin leads the effort to restore balance between state and federal government.”

Walker, the new Republican Governor’s Association chairman, will be in a position to continue advocating for de-centralizing power from Washington and returning it to the states during Trump’s presidency.

Read the full letter below, or download it here.

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