Protesters Rally Against Reform Plan Aimed at Failing Milwaukee Schools

[Milwaukee, Wis…] Activists gathered on Monday to voice their opposition to an education turnaround plan intended to reform the lowest-performing schools in Milwaukee.

Among the several dozen demonstrators, passions ran high, and protesters denounced the plan as a “takeover” of Milwaukee schools. One speaker said the plan is racist.

The authors of the Opportunity Schools Partnership Plan, state Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. Dale Kooyenga, disagree, believing MPS’ abysmal academic record required action.

MPS graduates less than 60 percent of its students in four years. It also has one of the worst achievement gaps in the country, and 53 of its schools failed the Department of Public Instruction’s grading system, forcing over 28,000 Milwaukee children to attend a poor-performing school.

While the protesters were quick to attack the legislators, none voiced any concern about the perpetually poor-performing MPS schools or the plight of the Milwaukee children trapped in them.