MacIver Marketplace, April 22th, 2016

This article notes the growing acceptance that teacher’s compensation should be linked to their performance, not seniority. Quoting the article:

“Recent events suggest that the parents of children in our public schools don’t have a problem with teachers being well paid; they just want compensation — as well as promotion and layoff decisions — to be related to how well teachers actually perform in the classroom. That might not sit well with some, including teachers’ unions, but it’s a reality that they are going to need to deal with.”

Rent control isn’t currently debated by politicians, but few examples demonstrate better how consumers are hurt by government intervention in the free market. It’s lessons, as taken from an essay by Thomas Sowell, can be applied to other policy issues like minimum markup.

Wisconsin’s Republican legislature is among other red states being accused of attacking local control, but this article suggests such attacks ignore that blue states do the same.