The MacIver Marketplace, March 18, 2016

Regarding our national infrastructure, people often hear that our infrastructure is in crisis. These graphs suggest that claim is overblown.

And now for a series of articles informing you about the important, new labor regulation on a fast-track towards implementation

The Department of Labor (DOL) looks like it is going to publish a new overtime rule sooner than expected, likely because of political pressures. While the exact numbers are not known yet, reports say that the rule would require any salaried person making under $50,440 per year to be paid for any overtime they work. The current threshold is only $23,660.

Many industries are concerned about changes they will have to make in order to comply with the DOL’s rule. As this article recounts, the higher education sector is especially concerned, though some teachers think it will result in higher pay.

While the Labor Department’s rule has not been published yet, advisors are already telling employers to create a ready-to-implement financial plan in case it is published. Once published, employers could have as few as 60 days to comply.

Editor’s Addendum: This type of law-creation by executive agencies, all done without the legislature’s input, is what led the Wisconsin Assembly Republicans to pass the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny). The REINS Act was an attempt to return the power of legislating back to the democratically elected legislature. However, the REINS Act failed to pass the Senate.