Submit Your End of Session Awards Nominations Now

Send us your suggestions for a chance to win books by Ryan, Walker, Stossel, and Moore

March 22, 2016

On Monday, we will announce our 2016 MacIver Awards for the end of the legislative session, which recognize both laudable and lamentable accomplishments in Wisconsin government. We’re seeking your suggestions and extended the deadline until after the busy Wisconsin primary.

To make sure your input is heard, send your nominations to by the end of business on Thursday, April 7.

You can nominate an elected official, agency employee, organization, group, or other Capitol player for any or all of the following categories:

  • Taxpayer Hero – Who has done the most to protect the Wisconsin taxpayer?
  • Taxpayer Villain – Who has tried the hardest to stick it to taxpayers?
  • Friend of the Free Market – Who worked the hardest to advance free market policies?
  • Enemy of the Free Market Award – Who worked to undermine the free market?
  • Outstanding Citizen Legislator – Which legislator best balances public service with their private sector career?
  • Most Powerful Capitol Player – Who had the most influence this session?
  • Least Effective Capitol Player – Who had the least?
  • Jedi Mind Trick Doublespeak Award – What was the most outrageous attempt to bamboozle the public?
  • The Steel Spine Award – Who stood strongest for their principles despite harsh headwinds?
  • The Spine of Jello Award – Who collapsed like a cheap tent in a breeze?
  • The Bob Jauch “They Said What?!?” Award – A special award for the most outrageous, crazy, or ludicrous comment, named after the former senator known for comparing Capitol protesters’ being ticketed to Tiananmen Square, among others.
  • Rising Star Award – Which legislator’s accomplishments make him or her someone to watch?
  • The “I Will Say Anything to Get My Way” Award – Who was most shameless in saying whatever it took to advance their political agenda or mislead the Wisconsin public?

If you have other topics or nominees, let us know by the close of business tomorrow!

If we use one of your suggestions, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win all the following:

  • Speaker Paul Ryan’s The Way Forward (a signed copy)
  • Gov. Scott Walker’s Unintimidated (a signed copy)
  • John Stossel’s No, They Can’t (a signed copy)
  • Stephen Moore’s Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

To ensure your name can be included in the drawing, please submit your nominations to and include your full name and phone number in the email.