Speaker Ryan: We Need a Mandate From the American People This Fall to Turn This Country Around

Believes Republicans will win voter mandate with clear, conservative agenda

MacIver News Service | February 23, 2016

[Madison, Wisc…] House Speaker Paul Ryan said the Republican caucus will present a bold, conservative agenda in an effort to win a resounding stamp of approval from the American people in November.

‚Ä®Speaking with the MacIver Institute last Friday, Ryan criticized President Obama’s latest budget proposal as a tax-and-spend agenda that grows government and never balances. He said it’s important for Republicans to present a clear contrast to liberal, progressive policies by laying out an agenda of conservative reforms early in the year.

Ryan listed his five priorities, including economic growth, fixing the budget and replacing Obamacare, fighting poverty, overhauling America’s foreign policy, and restoring checks and balances to the federal government.

Putting an agenda in front of the American people is crucial to winning resounding support for long-overdue reforms, Ryan said. He vowed to fight for a mandate election because the stakes are high with the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and an emboldened regulatory state that’s upsetting the balance of power outlined in the Constitution.