The MacIver Institute Defends FoodShare Sanity in Journal Sentinel

The MacIver Institute’s Ola Lisowski is featured in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Her column “Working to put food on the table is dignity, not slavery,” makes the case for common-sense work requirements for recipients of state assistance:

Tussler says that the costs of mandatory employment are extreme. The truly extreme idea here is that putting in 20 hours a week to participate in a state assistance program is somehow slavery. To use that word to describe these reforms is intellectually dishonest, and it crosses the line.

Interestingly, Tussler also wrote a column for the Journal Sentinel earlier in the week, but that was a sanitized version of an op-ed she penned for Urban Milwaukee in which she called the work requirements “slavery.” The Journal Sentinel version of her piece omitted the reference to slavery.

Read the full column online here.