Millennials Tell Government to Back Off

MacIver News Service | July 31, 2015

[Madison, Wisc…] The MacIver Institute held a forum in Pewaukee on Thursday night focusing on how government policies are hurting the Millennial Generation.

The featured guest was Jared Meyer, who co-wrote the book Disinherited. At age 24, he’s very familiar with the challenges facing this generation.

“Too bad we had to keep the book to 150 pages, because there is just a multitude of ways that government policy is stacked against young people in favor of older, more established interests,” Meyer said.

Other panelists included Collin Roth, Right Wisconsin Managing Editor, Nik Nelson, OpenBox Strategies Founder and CEO, and James Flath, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Communications Director. Nick Novak, MacIver Institute Communications Director, moderated.

MNS’ Bill Osmulski has more in this video report.