Reaction To The King vs. Burwell Decision From The Supreme Court

Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld in a 6-3 ruling a key part of President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court ruled that despite the actual wording of the law, that subsidies should go only to people enrolled in a state exchange, the intent of the law was to provide subsidies to all enrollees. Below is a sampling of reactions to the Supreme Court’s ruling:

“This morning the court upheld a critical part of this law, the part that has made it easier for Americans to afford health insurance regardless of where you live.”

-U. S. President Barack Obama

“The Court today validated President Obama’s massive power grab, allowing him to tax, borrow, and spend $700 billion that no Congress ever authorized. This establishes a precedent that could let any president modify, amend, or suspend any enacted law at his or her whim.”

-Cato Institute Director of Health Policy Studies Michael F. Cannon

“Today’s King vs. Burwell decision by the Supreme Court is incredibly disappointing.  That decision upholds legislation that was falsely marketed and forced through Congress in a completely partisan fashion and that has harmed millions of Americans.”

-U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“With today’s ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged that repealing the Affordable Care Act would have a devastating impact on people throughout Wisconsin and across the country.”

-Wisconsin State Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D)

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the administration’s implementation of ObamaCare means Republicans in the House and Senate must redouble their efforts to repeal and replace this destructive and costly law. From the beginning, it was clear that ObamaCare would fail the American people and this has proven to be true across the country and in Wisconsin.”

-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

“We are pleased with this decision, which means 166,000 people in Wisconsin will not lose the tax credits that help them afford health insurance coverage. The loss of premium assistance would most certainly have triggered a large increase in the number of uninsured. The disruption to our health care system and broader insurance markets would have been substantial.”

-Wisconsin Hospital Association President/CEO Eric Borgerding

“Instead of interpreting the law for what it actually says, the Court interpreted it for what they wanted it to say. The Affordable Care Act is severely broken, and this activist result will only continue the negative impact the law has had on taxpayers in Wisconsin and the country.”

-MacIver Institute President Brett Healy

“I am pleased but not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision. Today, the court made the right decision and gave 166,000 Wisconsinites certainty that they can continue to access the affordable health care coverage they rely on,” Rep. Kind stated.”

-Wisconsin State Rep. Ron Kind (D)

“This decision doesn’t lessen the fact that ObamaCare is wrong for America and wrong for Wisconsin. We need to return medical care back to individuals and their families who can make the best decisions about their health after consulting with their doctors.”

-Wisconsin Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos (R)

“Today’s court decision is an especially important victory for Wisconsin families, especially the 183,000 Wisconsinites – including 11,000 children – who stood to lose their health care coverage. Just yesterday the Governor made it clear he would not take any affirmative steps to ensure those families would continue to be covered had the decision gone the other way.”

-Wisconsin State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D)

“I am disappointed by the decision of the Supreme Court. The King v. Burwell ruling further blurs the lines among the executive, legislative and judicial branches in Washington. America is a nation of laws and this decision continues to move us down a path of an ever-expanding executive branch that is unchecked by the courts, Congress or the states.”

-Wisconsin State Sen. Leah Vukmir (R)

“Health care is a human right. Beyond a doubt this ruling is a mandate for the Affordable Care Act. Now is the time for Wisconsin to make the long overdue decision to accept the federal Medicaid expansion money to ensure all Wisconsinites have access to quality affordable health care.”

-Wisconsin State Rep. Melissa Sargent (D)

“Small business in Wisconsin remains deeply disappointed in the Affordable Care Act. The central defect in the law is that it was never designed to make health insurance more affordable for everyone, as its supporters, including the President, promised. It was designed to subsidize health insurance for some Americans at the expense of others.”

-National Federation of Independent Businesses Wisconsin State Director Bill G. Smith

“It is my hope that this historic decision from America’s highest court will put an end to his support for repealing health care for Wisconsin families and that he will do the right thing and accept a federal investment in our BadgerCare program instead of clinging to his plan to cover fewer people at a higher cost to Wisconsin taxpayers.”

-U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (WI-D)

“This ruling shows us that the rule of law is under attack by not only the Obama administration, but also the Supreme Court. The decision today doesn’t change the fact that I will keep fighting for patient-centered reforms that lower premium costs and create more flexibility for all Americans. I firmly believe Wisconsinites should be in charge of their health care, not Washington bureaucrats.”

-U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman (WI-R)