Supreme Court Decision on Act 10 a Major Win for Wisconsin Taxpayers

July 31, 2014

For Immediate Release
Contact: Nick Novak, 608-237-7290

[Madison, Wisc…] Brett Healy, President of the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, released the following statement after the Wisconsin Supreme Court announced its decision to uphold 2011 Act 10 in its entirety:

“It is a landmark day for the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Act 10 has saved the state, local governments and school districts nearly $3 billion. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling today, taxpayers for decades to come will continue to realize those savings.

“This decision will finally put an end to the unions’ hail-mary attempt to nullify the will of the people. We should all be relieved that taxpayer dollars will no longer be wasted on such a childish lawsuit that simply focused on giving political power back to the union bosses.

“Instead, taxpayers can now rejoice knowing their local school district can negotiate for health care costs, allowing them to put more money into the classroom. Local mayors can adopt budgets that put citizens, not unions, first. And the state will no longer have to worry about employees calling in sick for one shift, so they can get paid time-and-a-half to work the next.

“Act 10 has been an overwhelming and unquestioned success for Wisconsin taxpayers. This is truly a great victory for our state’s citizens.”