Voter ID, Act 10 are Currently the Most Litigated Legislation in Wisconsin Courts

MacIver News Service | June 13, 2014

[Madison, Wisc…] According to the Department of Justice, the Wisconsin Court System recently saw 15 cases against pieces of legislation, 12 of which are currently pending an appeal or awaiting a decision. Three other cases concerning redistricting and Act 10 have been dismissed since the first of the year.

The most litigated issues include Voter ID and Act 10, which comprise seven of the 15 cases facing the court this year. Two federal cases concerning Voter ID legislation, passed in 2011, were ruled in favor of the plaintiffs; Bettye Jones, et al, and Ruthelle Frank et al; in late April 2014. Both cases are now pending appeals in the Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals.

Local labor unions, Madison Teachers, Inc. (MTI), and the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA) also filed suit against Scott Walker arguing that Act 10 is unconstitutional. The WLEA case is currently stalled in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals pending a decision from the State Supreme Court on the MTI case.

With so many court cases challenging legislation in Wisconsin, the MacIver Institute would like to share a helpful list compiled by The Wheeler Report.

The Wheeler Report’s table of legislation currently in court is below, or available in PDF form by clicking here.

Legislation Court Cases.png